Sobor On The Blood

Number of episodes - 10
Timing of episode - 30 minutes
Language - Ukrainian
Year - 2006

In December, 1991 Ukraine became an independent state. However the young state, which has been held down with economical difficulties and political fights, could not give sufficient attention to learning its own history. The majority of usual citizens of Ukraine even today know almost nothing about greatness and tragedy of the Ukrainian national-liberation movement, and so any discussion around this theme remains at a level of stereotypes of the Soviet epoch.

The series "Sobor on the Blood" for the first time comprehensively and fairly will tell viewer about the struggle for unity and independence of our country for the period from 1919 to 1949. This struggle is considered in the series as a part of the all-European history. In fact Konovalets and Melnyk, Bandera and Sheptitsky, Borovets and Shukhevych lived and acted in a difficult situation of the grandiose geo-political conflict between Hitlerite Reich, Stalin Empire and the western democracies. Such approach allows understanding and comprehending the reasons of events and acts in common to all mankind sense, but not from one or another with stereotypes flushed point of view.

List of episodes of "Unity on Blood"

  1. Birth of great bluff
  2. Candy for commandant
  3. One day of independence
  4. Galich mirage
  5. False gold of September
  6. Policy of accomplished facts
  7. Army without state
  8. Fight for people
  9. Alliances on the brink of precipice
  10. 10. Triumph of great bluff