The bloody trace is spreading/eng.

Number of episodes - 2
Episode 1 "Comdiv" (divisional commander).
Episode 2 "Ataman".
Timing of episode - 45 minutes
Year - 2005

The history of making "Shchors" began in March, 1935 during meeting of leaders of the country with representatives of cinema. At this meeting Stalin awarded to Dovzhenko the Lenin order. Covering that event, the newspaper "Pravda" literally in details provided reader with a brief dialogue of the Secretary general and the director.

From the newspaper "Pravda":
- You are in debt - Ukrainian Chapaev. Do you know Shchors?
- Yes, comrade Stalin.
- Think of it, Alexander Petrovich.

Just from the first days of working at the film the secret data card, made up on Dovzhenko, almost every day was added by official reports, information inquiries, and denunciations … In the feature film by Alexander Dovzhenko "Shchors" the circumstance of brigade commander's death are left off screen… In a documentary film by Igor Kobrin "The bloody trace is spreading/eng." - the reasons of death of "Ukrainian Chapaev" are obvious. This documentary investigation is the disclosure of one more myth created by the Soviet propagation.