TV series "Human resources"

Number of episodes - 26
Timing of episode - 30 minutes
Language - Russian, Ukrainian
Year - 2003

Both form and content of this series are original. On the basis of 70-year-old arsenal of the Soviet humor and satire reflected in feature films, documentaries, plots of newsreel, TV feuilletons, cartoons, sketches, couplets, anecdotes, caricatures, etc., we will tell you about against what Soviet people fought, what made fun of, trying to create a new world and to make a new man deserving to live in this world/eng. In due time the instrument of the Soviet satire of the main caliber, a magazine "Crocodile" published the original alphabet of types of persons, with whom it was necessary to finish once and for all, - from "A-lcoholic" and to "Z" (in Russian Yabeda means Informer).
"Human resources" gathered "Alcoholic", "Careerist", "Hooligan" and other series-persons. As a matter of fact it is a history of development and change of the character over the years of the Soviet power. This video encyclopedia became a qualitatively new continuation of our farewell to the past. Even classics of Marxism - Leninism advised to give it up laughing/eng.

The list of series of the cycle "Human resources":

  1. Alcoholic-1
  2. Alcoholic-2
  3. Adventurer-1
  4. Adventurer-2
  5. Bungler
  6. Poacher
  7. Bureaucrat
  8. Muddle man
  9. Sponger
  10. Trimmer
  11. Obscurantist-1
  12. Obscurantist-2
  13. Humbugger
  14. Embezzler
  15. Ugly creature-1
  16. Ugly creature-2
  17. Grabber
  18. Hooligan
  19. Private trader-1
  20. Private trader-2
  21. Informer
  22. Aggressor-1
  23. Aggressor-2
  24. Bourgeois
  25. Henchman
  26. Spy