Number of episodes - 21
Timing of episode - 30 minutes
Language - Ukrainian
Year - 2006

The state order to win at any cost and unforgettable records of champions formed many generations of sportsmen and fans supporters of the Soviet country. Owing to the footage kept by the Ukrainian film-archives, the present viewer can see many famous athletes, who entered famous pages to history of world sports. This series is not about sports only; it represents also realities of champions' life.

The list of episodes:
  1. Faster, higher, stronger
  2. Medical marathon
  3. Sports cash desk
  4. Theatre of sports
  5. Country is a stadium
  6. Rest in the Soviet way
  7. Sports family
  1. Country of heroes
  2. Country of competitions
  3. May water's memory live forever (part 1)
  4. May water's memory live forever (part 2)
  5. Sports army
  6. Matter of techniques
  7. Happy childhood
  1. Brave guys
  2. Planet of animals
  3. National entertainments
  4. Behind the scenes of sports
  5. Training for mind
  6. Sports on the wheels
  7. The music of muscles