Film "The violet of terror"

Number of episodes - 2
Episode 1 - "Investigation"
Episode 2 - "Trial"
Timing of episode - 45 minutes

Owing to the materials from the special depots finally disclosed, we got an opportunity to understand mysterious cobwebs around well-known attempt at Vladimir Lenin, and to build a miniseries in genre of classical detective extremely attractive to the modern viewer. Why in the day of attempt Lenin was without guards? Why the materials of investigation were in secret, and in all official Soviet sources its results were false? What ruled by a terrorist Kaplan, and whether her love affairs with Lenin's brother Dmitry Uljanov influenced those tragic events? Could the parcel blind woman make attempt alone? Why were the names of the other conspirators named after several years only, and they themselves were the employees of Emergency Committee by that time? Why the chief officer of Emergency Committee Dzerzhinsky did not take part in investigation, and the case was supervised by Sverdlov, a chairman of All-Union Central Executive Committee? Why even before the ending of investigation Sverdlov gives an order of shooting and secret burning of Kaplan in the territory of the Kremlin? Viewer will be presented with optional versions of answers to these and many other questions, which over half a century the historians and criminalists are interested in.