Chronically-documentary series "Chronicle of hopes and illusions. Soviet Ukraine"

Number of episodes - 52
Timing of episode - 30 minutes
Language: comments - Russian, synchronous speech - Russian, Ukrainian
Year - 2001

The series is based on the selected chronicle plots of the Ukrainian film-periodical. In this conditional newsreel are shown the events of our history so as they were seen and shot in those years. The closed ring structure of the series provides a unique opportunity to broadcasting channels to start display of the series from any week of the year. We used the principle of creating, perhaps, of the most mass Ukrainian weekly newsreel "Soviet Ukraine". As a rule, it was opened with the block of the main sociopolitical plots, then news of science and culture, some household sketches, and finally sports or easy entertaining block. But the events of each of fifty two weeks of the year we showed in the conditional vertical time cut covering all Soviet epoch. The episodes are called "Soviet Ukraine. January. Week one", "Soviet Ukraine. January. Week two" (in the original "Radyanska Ukraina. Sichen'. Tyzhden' pershiy", " Radyanska Ukraina. Sichen'. Tyzhden' drugiy") etc. And so week by week, in each episode, the main events of the next seven days for seventy years.

In fact the series is an informational program about life of that gone country for the viewers of today's country. And the last. Even ideologically tendentious document today is, first of all, the document of history. It can be interpreted in a different way, but not to know it is impossible, because ignorance generates new illusions. This is the main sense of creating the series.