Social and educational action "Unitary state - common history"

Telecon studio staff address to political leaders, bankers, and owners of large enterprises of Ukraine.

Dear Sirs,

We are writing to inform you that "Unitary state - common history" campaign needs your help. Simultaneously with TV broadcasting throughout Ukraine the series "Sobor on the Blood" about history of Ukrainian national liberation movement is distributed on DVDs as well. But as of now the price of this DVD set is too high for major part of population of our country. We are addressing to rich persons, who connect their life and well-being with the future of independent Ukraine. Please buy some tens of video sets of this series, and we will distribute it through libraries, informational centers, and educational organizations. You can determine the addressees just yourselves. This act will give an opportunity for some part of our citizens to know more about history of our country, and we will get the chance to continue production of films, which are not competitive to commercial entertaining TV projects for a while. But our society strongly needs those films. We are not an air channel and can not pay by TV advertisement. But each DVD set acquired by you will be marked with the information about the person, thanks to whom this charitable act became a reality.

For and on behalf of creative staff of Telecon studio

Igor Kobrin
Film director ,
Member of cinematographers union of Ukraine,
Prize-winner of State prize of Ukraine